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Who we are?

Symbiod is a non-profitable community of developers, designers, managers and QA engineers, who share their experience and help non-profit organizations with their product development. All our activities are as transparent as possible.

What do we do?

We offer our members to contribute to non-profit projects development. All members will be able to get an experience in team collaboration, best coding practices and delivering real world features.

Forget about NDA

All your effort will be available as an opensource at GitHub, so you can show it to your potential employers.

Both for Junior and Senior specialists

Your current level does not matter. Most of our members are junior developers, but even experienced specialists can always learn something new about architecture, leadership and management.

Technologies we use

We are constantly looking for new mentors, who is familiar with different technologies, and is able to enforce our team. At the moment our expertise is limited to the following technologies.